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Kia ora

My name is Chloe Ann-King, I’m a workers rights activist and welfare advocate, I also write about social issues such as addiction and recovery and the impacts of precarious work. I spend most of my days advocating for low waged and precarious workers, who are often being underpaid and unfairly treated by their bosses. Most of the work I do is unpaid, but I am now, finally, making a little money off both my writing and advocacy work. But if you would like to support the work I undertake you can pledge to my Patreon, or contribute directly via my paypal: king.chloe@gmail.com



  1. I love your writing and attitude. I am fighting against Merz Pharma right now. I am too, “the little guy” in this situatuion. I had a “non-invasive painful facial” for skin toning at a spa (I am natural/ no Botox, etc), and what happened to me 5 months later is something out of a gore flick. For 6 mos, my face contorted, melted, turned gray, and my big eyes shrank and changed color. My beautiful face is destroyed and I am unrecognizable. I need eye surgeries and shit. I was disfigured from a facial, HUH? Needless to say, I had a nervous breakdown. I found out that there are hundreds of women who are suicidal after this “natural” procedure(which lists ZERO side-effects btw) because their faces rotted off too. I was totally scammed by these beauty poachers at Merz Pharma, who are nothing more than a bunch of insane natzi’s who would sell poisonous diapers if they could make a buck. Ultherapy and Merz have know about these side-effects that are happening to 30 percent of their customers/victims for YEARS, but keep selling their product as safe and natural (until someone loses an eye) ANYWAY… everyone keeps telling me to “stay positive.” Um…I just had a pharmaceutical company turn me into a fucking lizard….how the fuck am I supossed to “stay positive?” I’m either going to take a charcoal sauna, or throw a molotov cocktail in their buildings cafeteria. Anyway. Thanks for letting me rant. I like your honesty and writing style. I never knew the world could be so fucking low.

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  2. Kia ora ano

    I just read your blog — which was very well written and articulate, This must be an utterly terrifying time of your life? I shared what you wrote on my wall and many people are totally disgusted with how wrong this treatment has gone for you. I am so, so, so sorry you are going through this all. U am sure there are no words that could really consule you but I hope writing about it, even if on a little bit, helps?



  3. Hi Chloe, i have just been reading your blogs and wanted to say keep up the good work.

    I too work in the hospo industry, (and it is an industry, rather like the old Victorian sweat mills where human lives are negligible), as a chef. So I get full time work, but with a salary, it means that the hours i do, i get paid much less than minimum wage. My employer thinks that i am a hard and conscientious worker, and often has little rants about how Kiwis are work shy. And yes, he is an avid National supporter. He has even claimed that John Key will go down in our history books as possibly our greatest ever PM. Seriously.

    Recently we have been looking for a kitchen hand, which has increased my employers consternation and annoyment at the kiwi work ethic. I have said on several occasions to him that to get someone in for the 20 hours, (sometimes more, sometimes less), that we would need them for, we should offer a higher wage. But he has put it down to Kiwi laziness. Which is bullshit. The fact of the matter is, who in their right mind is going to work on a casual contract, while spending $10 a day on commuting to work, for $15 an hour? The feeling of sickening vulnerability that goes with job insecurity just wouldn’t make it worth it. I know, I have been in that exact position more than once in my lifetime.

    The bulk of applicants are for the most part, university educated indians, who can’t find work in their chosen fields, which is appalling really. And when one of the applicants states that they can’t work on particular days, their CV goes straight in the bin. “Thats no good for ME”, he cries… the fact that this person is obviously working another job and is trying to get another to make ends meet, well… that’s just inconvenient. Our society has now become a cult of ME. ME, a feckless and capricious God, whose short sightedness is extolled as a virtue.

    It scares me to think this, but, even with all the scandal, ineptitude and discovery of lies with this current regime, i think that they might win the next election. People in this country really are that fucking stupid. And there is a little part of me that thinks that if they are prepared to smear and cheat opposition parties at election time, that it wouldn’t be too far to go for them to rig an election. The future is indeed quite frightening. Can we really trust that the opposition parties will have a radical change of heart on where they stand on neo liberal economic policies? Can the middle class see past their own self interest and stop being so collectively sociopathic? I believe it will take a horrendous and sickening tragedy for that to happen.

    Anyway, keep blogging, and i will keep reading them. KIa Kaha!!



  4. Hi Chloe,
    While you might not think so I do enjoy your articles. I may not agree with all your thoughts, but I think you present an interesting point of view. It gives me a different perspective into what others are going thru and thinking.

    I hope you don’t think my replies are an attack on you, they are not. I’m simply putting forth a different point of view, in hopefully a polite and professional manner.

    Good luck with everything on your end.



  5. Hello Chloe,

    I am an employer. I am also a rapist.

    I employ people, usually young women, and they are mine, as far as I am concerned, while they work in my businesses.

    For many years now, I have also gone to clubs, and date raped young women, and taken them back to my house to anal rape them while they sleep. When they wake up, they just assume that they drank too much and went home with me. They don’t even know that they have been raped. I have done this almost a hundred times, or probably more.

    My employees, in my mind, are my property. And I can discard them when I want. The whores I piick up I think of in the same terms. They are there for me to use and to discard.

    This is how I really think. Fuck you, you disgusting transgender prostitute. I will continue to laugh all the way to the bank as I rape young women, and you will never stop me.



    1. I am taking you at your word Simon T. What happened to you to make you take on this attitude? You sound really sick and you have A committed horrendous crimes. B Are now bragging about them. I’m guessing you’re some little angry wanker who is trying to be “funny”. But no let’s take you at your word. If this is true why have you just provided a number of leads to your crimes?

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